45 minutes

Excellent new training device that allows your core to function correctly without having to try and activate it. Fantastic for improving core stability which supports your back during all other exercises and activities. This will allow you to perform at your peak.

Mobility WOD

30 minutes

This class will mobilise and lengthen out tight muscles by using a variety of techniques including; breathing, foam rolling, trigger point self release and stretching. This will help to ease tension in your body.

Oov CoreBlast

45 minutes

A shorter, more intense Oov class. These 30 minute classes eliminate some basic moves and stretching, shortening time but not activation.

Renew Yoga

45 minutes

This class is a nice stepping stone into Yoga if you are recovering from a recent injury. It is a gentle 45 min class to enliven the spine, increase flexibility, calm the mind and renew the body whilst bearing your injury in mind. The instructor will focus on attaining control of the breath and alignment of the body. This will be done through verbal cues and demonstrations but no manual adjustment. This allows you to ease into the postures in your own time and staying within your pain free range of movement.

Hatha Yoga

45 minutes

System of physical practice. During class expect to prepare the body by warming up then focusing on building a basic knowledge of Yoga postures that includes balances, twists, stretches, back bends and completed with pranayama (breathing exercises). All these methods give the keys to discover our emotions and ultimately making the Yoga practice a dynamic meditation. The Instructor will help you into postures by adjusting manually, verbally and through demonstrations.

Vinyasa Yoga

45 minutes

Dynamic physical practice. This practice will focus on working the body, breath and mind, building strength and flexibility and leave you feeling energised and inspired. Giving you the feeling of power and opening new options for your body. Recommended for people who already have yoga experience. The Instructor will help you into postures by adjusting manually, verbally and through demonstrations.

High performance training classes

Ultimate Circuit

45 minutes

A full body high intensity workout guaranteed fast and effective strength, fitness and endurance results.

Originally designed for Moto X riders this class is also perfect for BMX, Mountain Bike Riders, Wakeboarders, Water skier’s or anyone looking to combine core stability exercises with the above.

Bootcamp/Performance Classes

45 minutes

Start or end your day with a supportive and friendly Bootcamp which is also known as our Performance class (see timetable ‘Performance’ for times).

Stabilizing and strengthening exercises based on every day movements. Suitable for every level of fitness. This is a great way to improve your fitness, burn calories and correct your functional movement pattern.

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