Advance Wellness Centre launches in Hamilton

When it comes to health and wellbeing, Hamilton-based physiotherapist John Appel is passionate about helping people of all ages reach their full potential.

There aren’t many professionals who truly achieve a healthy work/life balance, because when it comes down to it, being a professional often involves long hours in the office.

And ironically, it is often those working in the medical or health related fields who are the worst culprits; so busy taking care of others that they leave little time to prioritise their own wellbeing.

Hugely motivated to help others to have a healthy lifestyle, John Appel is one of those rare people who ‘walks the talk’. He lives life to the full but ensures he is equally committed to his family, his business and his own wellbeing. He continues to push forward and set new benchmarks to ensure constant business and personal growth.

The recent launch of Advance Wellness Centre in central Hamilton is his latest achievement. Aimed at providing a full array of services for clients; from physiotherapy and nutrition to exercise classes, sport psychology and massage; the business came about to meet the needs of the many clients he was seeing as a physiotherapist.

“All of these aspects are intertwined. To be a successful athlete or live a healthy lifestyle, there needs to be a holistic approach which encompasses the physical and mental, as well as nutrition.

“And we’re thrilled to be able to offer such a spectrum of services under one roof, with some really amazing professionals on our team.

“So often, problems people are experiencing are linked. It’s part nutrition, part psychology, part muscular, etc. So now we offer specialist advice in all of these fields.”

As director of Advance Physiotherapy and now Advance Wellness Centre, he also challenges himself to continue his own education and frequently travels internationally to learn about new techniques and developments.

John is also a John F. Barnes-trained myofascial release therapist and is involved in training people in Oov; aimed at improving mobility, strength and wellbeing.

Having grown up in a small resort town in the middle of the Rocky Mountains in America, John’s teenage years were spent immersed in the world of sports; mainly skiing, snowboarding and racing semi-pro mountain bikes. These days his love of action is sated by motocross riding and surfing (he’ll find any excuse for an excursion to Raglan beach).

Now happily settled in Hamilton, with his wife and children, John is the first to admit that life is good. And that is largely because he works to keep it that way. He is his own best advertisement; striving to combine his love of family life, work and physical activity – and giving the same focus and dedication to each of these areas.

Advance your wellness

“Part of the value of working together with a team of experts in a wellness centre is that we can get together each week to discuss cases, share information and learn from each other; creating a holistic approach for our clients and a holistic solution.”

Offering everything from exercise classes and personal training, to physio, nutrition, podiatry, massage and psychology, Advance Wellness plans to continue growing and developing, offering more experts to the team to create the ultimate wellness experience for clients.
During his 15 years as a physiotherapist in New Zealand; Advance Physio director John Appel was constantly amazed at the fragmentation of people’s health.

‘My passion of treating holistically and completing or improving a client’s health, wellness and performance has led me to develop a multi-disciplinary wellness centre,” he says.
The launch of Advance Wellness brings central Hamilton an innovative centre of excellence with experts in a diverse variety of professional fields.

Centring around the moto; ‘Helping clients return to full functionality and enjoy everyday life without the restriction of pain’, the business strives for its own standards of excellence as a complete wellness centre.

Advance Wellness services

Advance Wellness offers a full body and mind experience from spinal injuries, sport injuries, myofascial release, acupuncture, Oov core stability, functional movement training, nutrition, specialist gym classes, podiatry, massage, personal training and psychology.

Advance Physiotherapy

Treatments and therapy from the Advance Physiotherapy team include:

  • Soft tissue work
  • Myofascial release using the world-renowned John F Barnes method
  • Physiotherapy acupuncture/dry needling
  • Trigger point release
  • Corrective exercise strategy/movement re-patterning/specified stretching
  • Oov – specialist core stability device
  • BodyTool/ScarsAway
  • Strapping/ SpiderTech kinesiology taping
  • Self MFR strategy – Obie Foam Rolling
  • Massage
  • Where applicable: Wellness classes (yoga etc), nutrition and weight reduction
  • Therapeutic ultrasound
  • Biomechanical assessments and functional movement screening
  • Rehabilitation and post-op care

The Advance Wellness physio team will assess your body, your day-to-day activity, as well as your weekend sport activity to help you overcome injury or to minimise the risk of receiving injury. You’ll be given a clear idea of what treatment and/or exercises would be beneficial for you to continue to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle.

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