Sometimes the aches and pains of life become too much to handle, that’s why we offer a range of services to meet your needs, no matter what they are.

Advance Wellness Centre is an ACC provider and you don’t need a doctor’s referral to get the exceptional treatment you deserve.

Advance Wellness Centre offers a unique physiotherapy service which assists individuals in returning to activities of daily living in a pain free state. Clients are often required to experience the Sports and Injury Rehabilitation Studio, and use some of the retail products (such as Foam-Rollers) to help assist in speeding up recovery.

Our Physiotherapists all hold a strong interest with the industry and are trained, qualified and experienced for the treatment of all injuries, acute or major.

Advance Wellness Centre is slowly but surely becoming more recognized in the sporting scene in the Waikato. Some of our more ‘famous’ clients have included the RedBull, Waikato Pistons, MXDK Rockstar Yamaha (motocross) and Waikato age-group basketball.

One of the services we offer here at Advance Wellness Centre is sports-specific training.

This service offers programmes for elite athletes, or those wanting to become elite athletes. These programmes give the athlete a competitive edge over their competition by providing periodized specific training, using state of the art equipment and research proven training methods.

We take into consideration the demands of the sport, the individuals’ weaknesses/strengths, faze of training and design a comprehensive conditioning programme that will enable peak performance.

If you are in a high stress or traumatic situation, or have experienced these in the past, come and experience Myofascial Release, it frees the tension that your body has built up. Maybe you have unexplained pain and feel trapped within your body, Myofascial Release often resolves pain in a way that nothing else will. By restoring normal movement, you can also prevent injuries that stem from overcompensating for restricted movement. Myofascial Release involves the gentle application of sustained pressure to fascial restrictions across the body in a non-invasive way. John Appel and Megan Spooner are the only accredited John F Barnes Myofascial Release practitioner in New Zealand.

Read more about Myofascial Release.

With results like 80% reduction over a 6 week period this is worth taking a look at if you’re suffering from scar tissue damage so if this is you get in touch with John Appel and book a consultation today.

See the Fairfax NZ News article Body tool combats scar tissue

Are you experiencing joint pain, muscle pain, or muscle spasm? It may be that acupuncture would be of benefit to you. Our physio’s are trained in the use of acupuncture as needed.

Welcome to Advance Wellness Podiatry

Our Rehabilitation Podiatrist Kate Caetano is enthusiastic about seeing people get back to doing what they love and reaching their goals.

Kate has been through her own acute and chronic injuries and as a podiatrist she knows how important all-inclusive holistic healthcare is to anyone’s quality of life. Kate focuses on treating the whole body, so you get better and stay better.

Kate is also a Running Coach and takes regular running workshops to help those who are just starting out through to those who want to improve their technique and learn how to reduce risk of injury while running.


BODY WOF (Warrant of Fitness)
A 10-point injury risk check for patients in a mild-heavy physical job to the athlete to keep in optimal condition. This targets muscle strength, joint function, stability and body posture. To make patients aware of possible injury risks.

Biomechanical Assessment
A full body mechanics assessment for pain or discomfort that lingers, re-occurs or is more chronic. This in-depth assessment checks all spinal to lower limb joint and muscle function, gait analysis, sport specific tests, and pressure scans. To identify underlying causes or factors for discomfort, thus putting together a holistic treatment plan to balance, offload and reduce strain. Example conditions: Heel pain, knee arthritis, ‘growing pains’etc.

New Runner Assessment
When new to running or pickup up after a break in fitness. An assessment of body balance, gait style, posture and footwear is broken down into a program to ensure safe return to activity.

Gait Retraining
Once gait patterns are assessed and problems recognized; verbal real-time feedback and coaching is used to adjust and consciously encourage a more efficient and safer gait style

If you are unsure if a niggle or form of discomfort is something to worry about or not, answer any questions and allow education or initial assessment.

Corns, Callous, ingrown nails or other troublesome foot issues?
When we finally get out of the house or office, the last thing you want to feel is pinpoints of pain in between your toes or under your feet. Corns and callous can put a damper on a run or wearing your favorite shoes. Kate, our Podiatrist and Running Coach, can help take away those points of pain and show you how to treat them.”

Advancewellness - Pediatory

Advance Running School

Our run school is focused on getting you walking or running pain free and achieving more than you thought you could.
Whether you are starting out, building up to an event or returning back from an injury; our coaches can help identify weakness, area of energy wastage, assess body balance, and help you reduce your risk of injury.

Running Coaching
Our run coaches will look at your running style and muscle capabilities, through gait analysis, then evaluate your balance propulsion and support muscles. They will then break them down into factors that are related to dysfunction, injury risk or movement impairment. From here they can take your through tips, weakness or one-on-one coaching to improve your individual style.

Walk Coaching
Our run coach will look at your walking and muscle capabilities, through gait analysis at a range of speeds and inclines, then evaluate your power and support muscles. They will then break them down into factors that are related to wasted energy, injury risk and speed or movement impairment. From here they can take your through tips, weakness or one-on-one coaching to improve your individual style.

Running School Package (What this involves):

    • 6 x one hour coaching gait training sessions over 12 weeks
      Focused on retraining the brain’s neural pathways for poor running movement patterns via verbal and visual coaching. Drills and technique coaching based movements to activate, condition and implement better muscle patterns. Therefore, encouraging stability, correct muscle engagement and reduced overload or poor excessive motions.
    • 12 week gym membership + Unlimited classes which allows areas of weakness, tightness, injury risk and core stability to be targeted through Oov, Yoga and Pilates classes. Therefore, allowing better gait stamina, stability and neural outlets.
    • Foam roller to keep and to encourage muscle and fascia conditioning

Please contact [email protected] for further information and pricing on the Running School Package.

Advancewellness - Running Coaching

Megan Spooner who is our Myofascial Release and Massage Therapist practices relaxation massage.

To compliment her massage therapy Megan uses an aromatherapy touch technique called “Aromatouch”.

This is application of specific oils to back and feet which assist with stress relief, help address inflammatory conditions and generally assist the body to maintain homeostasis.

This holistic approach is designed to be a calming, therapeutic experience where you can relax and unwind from the stresses of everyday life.

When booking a massage allow approx 1.5 hours for a full body massage & 1 hour for back and another area.

To book in with Megan please contact us on 07 834 9901 or email [email protected]

Christian Baldia – Personal Trainer

Christian has more than 10 years experience in the Personal Training industry. What started out as an interest has now become a lifelong passion in helping people achieve their goals and bringing awareness that physical training has a greater purpose.

Christian completed his Personal Training course at the New Zealand Institute of Health and Fitness. He is passionate about continuously improving his knowledge by consulting with his mentors from different disciplines while working alongside Physiotherapists & Podiatrists at the Advance Wellness Clinic.

Christian specialises in movement restoration training using Original Strength Movement Restoration training systems.
He incorporates kettlebell training, bodyweight, Oov, barbell training, and movement restoration in his programs for people from all walks of life.

As well as teaching a variety of classes here at Advance Wellness, Christian is available for one on one or group training sessions to help you reach your goals – either post Physiotherapy rehabilitation or just to get your fitness on track.

If you want to start your journey to better fitness and rehabilitation contact us today to book in with Christian – ph: 07 834 9901 or email [email protected]

    • National Certificate in Fitness (Exercise Consultant Level 3) – New Zealand Institute of Health and Fitness
    • National Certificate in Fitness (Personal Training Level 4) – New Zealand Institute of Health and Fitness
    • Pressing Reset Foundation Course – Original Strength Systems, LLC
    • Oov Pilates Course – Oov New Zealand

Advancewellness - Christian Baldia

Simone is a Holistic Performance Nutrition Coach passionate about showing her clients how healthy eating strategies don’t have to be uneventful and stressful, instead delicious and enjoyable. Simone recently moved from Auckland where she has run her own nutrition practice Simone Olivia Nutrition in Eden Terrace.

She specialises in fat loss, muscle gain, increasing energy, athletes, high performing athletes, Crossfit/Weightlifting athletes and high performing individuals.
Every plan she writes is customised to the client’s goals, food preferences and lifestyle. She caters to all diet preferences including Paleo, gluten free, dairy free, ketogenic, fasting, vegetarian and vegan.

    • Grad.Cert.HPN, BCom, GradDipTchg(Secondary)