Advancewellness - Physiotherapy

Advance Wellness Centre is an ACC provider and you don’t need a doctor’s referral to get the exceptional treatment you deserve.

Advance Wellness Centre offers a unique physiotherapy service which assists individuals in returning to activities of daily living in a pain free state. Clients are often required to experience the Sports and Injury Rehabilitation Studio, and use some of the retail products (such as Foam-Rollers) to help assist in speeding up recovery.

Our Physiotherapists all hold a strong interest with the industry and are trained, qualified and experienced for the treatment of all injuries, acute or major.

Advance Wellness Centre is slowly but surely becoming more recognized in the sporting scene in the Waikato. Some of our more ‘famous’ clients have included the RedBull, Waikato Pistons, MXDK Rockstar Yamaha (motocross) and Waikato age-group basketball.