We’ve all heard the “New Year, New You” saying telling us that the start of a brand new year gives us the opportunity to re-create ourselves with a “fresh start”. The problem with setting goals this way is that the motivation to do so is merely centred around tradition and an expectation to do so at that exact time of the year. Let’s be honest, goals can be set at any stage …. day, week, time of the year. So, why just on New Year’s Day?  And why do they fail so often for so many of us?

Due to the tradition of making these types of resolutions, our motivation is only formed from what we call “Push Motivation”. This type of motivation is sparked by an event but is unfortunately only effective while the “push” is in place. This means that in February, when we all stop talking about our New Year’s Resolutions, the “push” is gone. Thus, the motivation is gone.

The other reason resolutions fail is that there is often a very key step missing in the process. This step is to spend time and effort to take an in-depth stocktake of where you are at and why you actually want to change. This is important for two reasons:

  • Firstly, you need to know what you need to do to achieve the change you want, i.e. what are the steps between point A and point B you need to take and in what order to be successful.
  • Second – there needs to be what we call, “Pull Motivation” which is a future goal with an emotional attachment that pulls you to your goal instead of a push from behind.

Now, the diet and fitness industry 100% work within the Push Motivation psychology with their marketing and membership models. The deals on memberships are running hot right now. The ads and posters are promising the world. But, what they don’t tell you is, on average, only ⅓ of paying members use their membership in gyms. But the vast majority of members are locked in because it’s cheaper to do so and the sales person was so convincing when you were in a “push-motivated” state.

If you really don’t know where you are starting from, going to and why, you may end up flying blind in a market that is so easy to get swept away in. Whether on an emotional, intellectual or physical level, you need to know where you’re starting from and where you want to get to and most importantly WHY.

Here’s an example of a stocktake that is not that effective… the generic gym membership will often give you what they call a “Fitness Test”. This will comprise of weight, measurements, body fat test and some form of cardiovascular fitness test. This unfortunately is not comprehensive enough to ensure you can sustain the exercise needed to achieve any physical goals. They will also ask you to complete a medical questionnaire. This will comprise of what injuries you might have had, medical conditions and maybe any medication. They will, more often than not, have no idea what this means, but they have asked it, and it’s on the form. Then they will ask you for your goal, i.e. “I want to lose weight”. Then you’ll get a generic programme and sent off on your way.

Now, here’s what we consider to be the right way to get started. To embark on a self stocktake, you need professional input. No matter what aspect of your life, you need someone with certain expertise and skills to do this. If your goal this year is weight loss, you actually need to know if your body can move in an effective energy-efficient way which is free from pain so that you can exercise safely, week after week, and enjoy your workouts. Otherwise you may end up in pain and not enjoying your workouts and then become one of the ⅔ of members that gift money to the gym each week and don’t use it!

This is where a professional clinical approach needs to be utilised to assess things like your range of movement, muscle balance, neuromuscular connection, injury risk and much, much more. Getting these aspects assessed and then addressed, if needed, then sets you up perfectly to go and join the gym and actually get your money’s worth!

You wouldn’t build a house on poor foundations so why would you try to build a new body without checking your foundations first???!!!

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