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Advance Wellness: Physiotherapy

You don’t have to be a tennis player, or even an athlete to have ‘tennis elbow’ or other elbow issues. Every second of the day your elbow reminds you whether it’s healthy or not, from simply drinking out of a glass, lifting your kids, a weight or out for a game of golf – there’s not much you can do in life without bending your elbow.

Advance Wellness: Physiotherapy

 Functional Movement Screen

The Functional Movement Screen identifies areas of weakness and tightness and .. Read More

Advance Wellness

Biomechanical Assessment

Our Biomechanical Assessment is a 30 minute personalised assessment of …Read More

Advance Wellness

Wellness Check

This is a 60 minute assessment consisting of: a 30 minute Functional …Read More

What clients are saying

I highly recommend the whole Advance team

Not only is the team at Advance fast so I can get back to my life style, but what they do lasts. They teach me how to do exercise that will help me if I ever have the same problem again! I’ve been to lots of physios and Advance is the only one I will ever go back to.

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Excellent new training device that allows your core to function correctly without having to try and activate it. Fantastic for improving core stability which supports your back during all other exercises and activities. This will allow you to perform at your peak.

Loaded Mobility

45 minutes

Slow Flow Yoga

45 minutes

Mindful Movement Meditation

30 minutes

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