Understanding your massage and your massage aftercare plan

In this edition, we have put together some tips to help you better understand the effect of quality Massage Therapy and also what steps you should take following your massage treatments to get the very best results.

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Understanding your massage and your massage aftercare plan

The basic goals of good Massage Therapy are to achieve an increase in the blood and lymph circulation and also to normalize and/or relax the muscles, tendons and ligaments that are under stress and tension. There’s obviously a lot more to it than this, but at a basic level, these are our goals.

Depending on the level of corrections that are made during the massage session, your body can react in a variety of different ways. The important thing to remember is that these reactions are normal, expected and are generally nothing to worry about. Your Massage Therapist can talk you through any concerns you have and will also pre-warn you of how you could feel afterward.

Some of the techniques used in a massage are attempting to affect change on structures that have been malfunctioning anywhere from months to possible decades! So the body may attempt to fight the changes at times, which can result in feeling a little achy afterwards. It’s not dissimilar to the feeling you get after a work-out you haven’t done for a while. Do not be concerned if you have a temporary worsening of symptoms… this is a normal part of the healing process.

To further aid the healing process we recommend the following after every massage:

  1. Drink plenty of water – this assists in eliminating toxins from the body that are released during massage. Massage can make you dehydrated.
  2. Take it easy and get plenty of rest – it’s common to feel tired after treatment, it’s best to listen to your body and relax – even sleep if necessary. Don’t schedule in multiple jobs or appointments after your massage that will leave you feeling even more tired!
  3. Apply heat to your body – take a hot bath or shower or apply heat packs – these are also great to help with some of the tenderness after the treatment. Heat helps get the muscles further into a relaxed state and reduce residual pain and stiffness.
  4. Avoid strenuous activity or exercise – give your body a chance to recover and heal for the rest of the day after treatment.
  5. Avoid sitting in one place without moving for long periods – going right back into the hunched position over a computer without moving doesn’t help the benefits of your treatment. Try to include some light walking in your day after the treatment – even a quick walk around the block helps.
  6. Book regular treatments – don’t leave it too long until your next treatment. Just like exercise and working out, the more regularly you do it, the better results and response you will get. It’s best to get in before your muscles tighten up again, and then you have to start from scratch. Again, like exercise, muscle soreness after massage will be reduced with regular treatments as the body adjusts to the treatments.

It’s always great to pay attention to what you are feeling and that will help your Massage Therapist adjust the next treatment if they need to.

If you have any questions regarding care after your massage treatment, please feel free to contact the clinic on 07 834 9901 or info@advancewellness.nz.

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