Why you should say goodbye to your one-dimensional Massage provider and introduce yourself to the NEW GENERATION of Massage Therapy!!!

Muscular pain is something that most of us experience in our lives at one time or another. It can be something that we feel occasionally, or, for some of us, something that we experience daily. Understanding your treatment options is VITAL if you want to not only treat the symptoms, but more importantly, know why you’re in pain and then how to prevent the pain from coming back!

There’s no doubt that massage is a popular treatment option. I mean, who doesn’t love a massage, right???!!! But have you ever thought why you love massage and what it actually does for your body?

One of the most instinctive and primal forms of treatment for pain is “rubbing” the area that’s sore (the most basic form of massage). For an example, for those of us who are parents, we know the first thing we do when our child bangs their knee is to “rub it better”. Rubbing an area that’s sore, at a basic level, gives the sensory receptors in the body/brain a different feedback to the pain of the sore area. This is a good thing but is it a service you should pay for?

When we generalise the effects of basic one-dimensional massage, we can narrow the benefits down to three main features:

  1. Increased heat and blood flow to soft tissue
  2. Reduced muscle tension
  3. Stimulation of the lymphatic system

Again, this is generalised, but massage has a “good” effect on the body. But what makes massage “GREAT”? And, what takes the benefits from temporary to permanent?

In what seems like a life-time ago, I trained and delivered Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy. I successfully delivered this service for well over a decade. I strived to deliver the very best service I could. People would come in stiff, tight and in pain and I would send them out relaxed & pain free. My clients would love my treatments so much, that they came to see me weekly, fortnightly, monthly… and always regularly. In the short term of my career, I thought I was delivering what my clients needed. What I didn’t understand, at the time, was that I was delivering what they wanted, not necessarily needed.

As I moved through my career, I started to challenge myself on why my clients were coming back in nearly the same state each time. I’d “fix” it, but they’d come back broken again. It never truly lasted and I challenge you to ask the same question of your relationship with your Massage Therapist whether it’s gone for good? I started working on different aspects to my service which was to move past just treatment and develop more management and prevention aspects to my delivery. I figured my job was to educate, empower and retrain my clients so well that they didn’t need me anymore and so to speak, “do myself out of business” with them. That would then make me available to see more new clients and I’d be able to help more and more people.

What I learnt on my journey was this: you can’t be a “one trick pony”. If you are, you’re just not going to achieve the results you ethically should. Great for their business, but not good for your wallet. As a Massage Therapist they must expand their knowledge and service. For me, I added functional training to my service. I assessed and treated to remove the barriers then I took my clients through functional exercise retraining so that they could embed the changes I made in their body and make it permanent. In general, this worked to a degree.

Fast forward to today and I am proud to say I work with a team that not only embraces this same principle but has taken it to the next level! The team at Advance, and now the NEW GENERATION Massage service we offer, has the ability to combine a multitude of assessment, treatment and rehabilitation skills that can literally change lives.


  1. ASSESS – Range of Motion Tests (maybe?). Palpate (feel) how muscles feel. Ask client how sore they’ve been (Subjective)
  2. Treat through effleurage (Long sweeping strokes), Petrissage (Kneading), Tapotement (Tapping), Friction and Vibration or Shaking.


Combines both Western (Swedish Remedial Massage Therapy) and Eastern (Traditional Chinese Medicine Massage – Tui Na) Massage techniques and principles with Trigenics® which is a Neurokinetic, sensorimotor assessment, treatment and training system, which instantly relieves pain and increases strength and movement.

This not only gives an exceptional new set of physical and neurological assessment tools to the table, but also looks to combine Traditional Chinese Medicine theories of increasing Qi (life force energy which flows through meridian lines in the body) to the affected areas, with Western principles of increasing blood flow, heat and pliability to the soft tissue of the area. It also looks to reset the bodies hardwiring (nervous system) to work more effectively.

  1. ASSESS – Neurological Testing, Strength Testing, Range of Motion Testing. Palpate (feel) how muscles feel. Ask client how sore they’ve been (Subjective).
  2. TREAT – Using the most effective combination of multimodality treatment options. Combine whatever is the right selection of different treatment techniques that meet the needs of each individual client to ensure a much greater effect. Treat with both a mental, physical and holistic focus. Promote healing from inside outward, and from the inside inward by stimulating the body’s own healing processes.
  3. RE-TEST – Utilise further physical and neurological testing to ensure progression and embed changes.

Further to this, if your budget allows, there is the GOLD STANDARD option of then enlisting our musculoskeletal rehabilitation training in our specialised gym. This even further embeds the changes made and needed for PERMANENT change.

As you can see, we don’t take our service delivery lightly. Our NEW GENERATION of Massage Therapy is something special.

Act now and feel the difference!!!

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