Massage Therapist, Melody Dickinson comes to Advance with more than 10 years’ experience under her belt and a coveted degree in Therapeutic and Sports Massage.

Melody has travelled the world honing her skills, including stints working in Canada, the UK and Australia. She also has training in Dry Needling and Kineso taping.

Her unique, strong skill-set means she can draw on specific massage techniques which include:

  • Back, neck and shoulder release
  • Stress and muscular related headaches
  • Sports recovery massage
  • Pre and post-natal Pregnancy massage

She prides herself on being able to utilise all her skills to find the root of a problem and ensure lasting results rather than mere symptom relief, and is passionate about helping her clients return to the most important things in their life that pain has taken away.

How long should you book for?

Ideally for your first massage appointment a 60 minute booking is preferred – as 30 minutes is generally too rushed (by the time we discuss areas to work on and health history plus being on the table). Therefore, allow one hour for the first session and then you can discuss with your therapist how long you may need for follow-up sessions.

Treatment times can vary depending on the reason for the treatment and history, but generally range from 30 to 90 minutes. A treatment for a small area of the body such as tennis/golfer’s elbow or tight calves or focusing just on neck and shoulders may take 30 minutes, a treatment covering either the upper or lower body typically takes 60 minutes, and a full body massage from head to toe requires 90 minutes.

We offer three options for treatment times in the CBD clinic: 30, 60 and 90 minutes.

At our Melville clinic, we also offer a 45 minute appointment in addition to the three options listed above.

Melody is available for massage appointments in our CBD (Victoria Street) clinic at these times:

Monday: 10-6pm

Tuesday: 10-6pm

Wednesday: 10-6pm

Friday: 10-6pm

She is available in our Melville clinic on Thursdays from 1pm-5pm.

To book in with Melody please contact us on 07 834 9901, email or you can also book online through this website.