Our Massage Therapists are an integral part of our client service team. They work closely with our Physiotherapists and other clinical staff to determine the right type of care that will help get you “Back to Better”, may include massage as part of your suggested treatment plan.

We offer Massage Therapy at both our clinics and can assist with the following conditions:

  • Back, neck and shoulder release
  • Stress and muscular related headaches
  • Sports recovery massage
  • Pre and post-natal Pregnancy massage

Which staff offer massage?

Currently we have two staff available for massage appointments. Tony ter Ellen has more than 20 year’s experience as a Massage Therapist and is also a qualified Physiotherapist.  Sally Yen brings experience and qualifications in both Chinese and Western Massage therapy and also speaks fluent Mandarin. Both staff offer Remedial and Relaxation massage. To read more about Tony & Sally please visit: https://www.advancewellness.nz/trainers/

How long should you book for?

Ideally for your first massage appointment a 60 minute booking is preferred – as 30 minutes is generally too rushed (by the time we discuss areas to work on and health history plus being on the table). Therefore, allow one hour for the first session and then you can discuss with your therapist how long you may need for follow-up sessions.

Treatment times can vary depending on the reason for the treatment and history, but generally range from 30 to 90 minutes. A treatment for a small area of the body such as tennis/golfer’s elbow or tight calves or focusing just on neck and shoulders may take 30 minutes, a treatment covering either the upper or lower body typically takes 60 minutes, and a full body massage from head to toe requires 90 minutes.

We offer three options for treatment times in the CBD clinic: 30, 60 and 90 minutes. At our Melville clinic, we offer a 45 minute appointment in addition to 30 and 60 minute appointments.

To review fees for the different treatment times for a massage please visit: https://www.advancewellness.nz/fees/

To book in a massage please contact us on 07 834 9901, email info@advancewellness.nz or you can also book online.

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