Welcome to Advance Wellness Podiatry

Our Rehabilitation Podiatrist Kate Caetano is enthusiastic about seeing people get back to doing what they love and reaching their goals.

Kate has been through her own acute and chronic injuries and as a podiatrist she knows how important all-inclusive holistic healthcare is to anyone’s quality of life. Kate focuses on treating the whole body, so you get better and stay better.

Kate is also a Running Coach and takes regular running workshops to help those who are just starting out through to those who want to improve their technique and learn how to reduce risk of injury while running.


Biomechanical Assessment
A full body mechanics assessment for pain or discomfort that lingers, re-occurs or is more chronic. This in-depth assessment checks all spinal to lower limb joint and muscle function, gait analysis, sport specific tests, and pressure scans. To identify underlying causes or factors for discomfort, thus putting together a holistic treatment plan to balance, offload and reduce strain. Example conditions: Heel pain, knee arthritis, ‘growing pains’etc.

New Runner Assessment
When new to running or pickup up after a break in fitness. An assessment of body balance, gait style, posture and footwear is broken down into a program to ensure safe return to activity.

Gait Retraining
Once gait patterns are assessed and problems recognized; verbal real-time feedback and coaching is used to adjust and consciously encourage a more efficient and safer gait style

If you are unsure if a niggle or form of discomfort is something to worry about or not, answer any questions and allow education or initial assessment.

Corns, Callous, ingrown nails or other troublesome foot issues?
When we finally get out of the house or office, the last thing you want to feel is pinpoints of pain in between your toes or under your feet. Corns and callous can put a damper on a run or wearing your favorite shoes. Kate, our Podiatrist and Running Coach, can help take away those points of pain and show you how to treat them.”