Another service we offer at Advance is targeted therapy to reduce scar tissue damage to the skin, both externally and internally.

By using what’s called a “body tool” – which was invented by an Auckland deep tissue Massage Therapist – our clinicians at Advance massage the deep tissue and external scars to break up the tissue.

This tool, which has a greenstone in one end and an Australian mineral stone in the other, can be used on all types of injuries or surgery resulting in scar tissue, muscle tightness, tears and tendonitis.

It is also being used on the scars of burn victims, many of whom have reported great improvements and rejuvenation in their disfigured skin afterwards.

Sports injuries, headaches, tennis elbow, occupational overuse syndrome and caesareans are just some of the conditions or events that can be helped by the treatment.

With scar tissue having the strength of steel, a harder substance is needed to massage the scars, such as the quartz crystal and greenstone on the body tool.

A simple massage using the body tool helps to release the scar tissue and break-up existing adhesions, allowing it to heal properly into the normal skin.

Patients can then be shown how to keep up “daily maintenance” by massaging the stones into their skin during spare moments at home.
Once the scar tissue begins to soften and lighten, it can in some cases disappear completely.

Please contact us today if you are interested in finding out more about this form of treatment.