At Advance, our highly trained & experienced clinical staff can work with your organisation to assess and improve your workplace set-up and ergonomics, plus support any staff in returning to work after illness or an injury.

Our staff can provide workplace assessment & rehabilitation services for ACC, third party insurers, and private employers.

Workplace Assessments and Tailored Programmes
Our experienced staff can conduct an on-site workplace assessment which looks at job duties and other environmental factors to help determine how the demands of the duties or the physical workplace itself impacts on individual staff.

They can also design and help implement individual return-to-work programs for those staff who have been absent due to injury or long-term illness.

Education & Training
We can also assist in education and training of your staff specific to your particular workplace including workshops on maximising movement at work (for staff who operate from desks)

Our clinicians are also available to treat and provide assessment on-site if required, which includes Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology and Massage services.

Ergonomic Workstation Assessments
Ergonomics is recognised as one of the most important factors in maintaining a high standard of workplace health and safety. Poor posture is the underlying cause of many musculoskeletal disorders we commonly see.

Ergonomic assessments are performed by our qualified Physiotherapists who can make recommendations for adjusting a workstation, recommend any changes or equipment needs and ensure these are correctly fitted to prevent poor posture and discomfort & increase optimal performance.

Fit-for-Work & Pre-Employment Evaluations
Our Physiotherapists can also assess the physical ability of a candidate to perform the work tasks required of them prior to employment and also offer similar evaluations for staff returning to work following injury or illness to ensure they are ready.