Unfortunately, pain and injuries don’t take a break over the festive season. In fact the holidays often  produce some unique injuries not seen many other times of the year.

“Every year at Advance we see those backyard cricket injuries and sore muscles from putting together the new bike, trampoline or just from chasing the kids at the park,” General Manager Carey Giddens said.

“Often it’s fathers who are coming into the clinic for help at this time of year.

“This could be due to anything from falling off ladders trying to put up or take down Christmas lights, trying to show kids how to use new toys or simply hurting their backs playing cricket on Christmas Day.

“People are taking it easy and are relaxed at this time of the year and so may try things they normally wouldn’t be doing. It can make Christmas a painful experience not a joyful one,” he said.

So what should you do?

There are some simple things you can do to avoid these strains and sprains. The human body doesn’t like sudden changes in load, especially overload, so warm-ups and stretches before trying that first fast bowl of the season is important.

You should also ensure protective gear is worn if biking or skateboarding and if you haven’t been active this year, then perhaps ease into 2019 rather than starting it out with a 10km run or boot camp.

“We see many people in the third and fourth weeks of the New Year after they have gone all out from the start of the year trying to fulfill their New Year’s resolutions,” Carey said.

“After relaxing over Christmas and maybe indulging a little too much, the body just doesn’t like being smashed.

“It’s not an advisable or safe way to start your New Year program. Start slow and get good advice and graduate yourself into an exercise routine.

“It’s better to try and keep up some regular exercise, even if it’s just a few stretches or a daily walk to keep the ailments at bay,” he said.

If you do find yourself needing a Physiotherapist over the Christmas break, Advance Wellness is open all days except the public holidays.

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