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Are you a True Weekend Warrior?

Do you work hard all week, allowing yourself the weekend to get out and get active? Maybe you’re stuck at a desk all day and then have evening commitments that make it hard to get out and about more frequently than your weekend activities?

As a true Weekend Warrior, you’re at a slightly higher risk of acute injury. Whereas daily exercisers might be at risk of chronic overuse injuries, for you, you’re more likely to take a funny turn.

Sedentary Life Doesn’t Set Us Up Well for Activity

Sitting all day, every day, shortens up the muscles in the front of our bodies and leaves the back muscles longer and weaker. Wearing high heels all week can shorten up our achilles and calf muscles. When us Weekend Warriors finally unleash ourselves on the weekends, these muscles can pull and strain due to just not being used to the movement pattern.

Advance Physio offers Biomechanical Assessments and Functional Movement Screens which help identify weaknesses and imbalances in the body that could lead to stress and injury.

Are You a Weekend Warrior with an Injury?

Your first point of call will typically be your local GP, although many people choose a Physiotherapist as their first stop depending on the nature of the injury. If the injury appears to be a fracture or penetrating wound then your GP will of course be your first point of call and you will be guided by them with regards to initial pain management and treatment.

Just like Workplace Injuries, many Weekend Warriors will go from zero to hero with their injury They will start to feel better, have more range of movement and be able to weight bear and just rock back out into their weekend sport. They may have been referred to a physio by their GP, but perhaps decided they didn’t need it.

Just remember, that injuries are part of your body and your body is part of your life. Even the smallest pain can create long term distress, or even more stress on imbalanced muscles.

Event the smallest sports injury (such as a rolled ankle) can benefit from physiotherapy. The longer we limp around or compensate for the injury, the more chance we have of developing shortness and weakness in other muscles that are now being under or over used. That small injury can lend itself to a lot of ongoing problems.

Maybe you just want to avoid getting injured?

As we said, being a Weekend Warrior means that you are spending the majority of your week NOT doing the things that you’re going to be doing with your body on the weekend, so what’s the best way to minimise injury? It’s to do activity through the week using full range of motion amongst all planes of motion.

Advance Wellness Centre offers a wide range of Wellness Classes that keep the body moving correctly, with a focus on stability, flexibility and sports specific movement patterns. With our inner city location, it’s easy to get out of your office and get that bit of movement in during the week to assist your body on the weekends.

Your physiotherapist can also take a look at what areas of weakness or tightness you have in your body and provide you 1:1 with strategies on how to avoid injury and maximise your weekend sport enjoyment.

Client Case Histories

I had a rugby head injury and suffered severe headaches for two years and was heavily dosed on amitripyline, I was seeing a chiropractor during this time that gave me short term relief but they would keep returning. I went to see Michelle and had 6 weekly sessions of acupuncture on my head and the my headaches disappeared and I came off the medication, I was able to return to University studies and have not had a relapse in the 18 months following this time. Thanks to Advance Physio I can now lead an active busy life including returning to playing soccer.

– Jessie

Treatments and Therapy at Advance Wellness Centre Include:

Our team will assess your body, your day to day activity as well as your weekend sport activity to help you overcome injury or to minimise the risk of receiving injury. You’ll be given a clear idea of what treatment and/or exercises would be beneficial for you to continue to enjoy your Weekend Warrior experience.

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