By Linley Leuthard

You may or may not have heard of Trigenics®  so what exactly is it?

Trigenics® is a neurological treatment system which resets the way the brain communicates with the body to instantly relieve pain, accelerate healing and strengthen muscles.

The Trigenics ® treatment system involves applying three different treatments at the same time – resisted exercise, biofeedback breathing and mechanoreceptor distortion with either hands or instruments.  This application has a greater effect on the nervous system than just using hands or instruments alone.

What happens when we get injured?

When tendons, muscles or ligaments suffer damage, stress or injury, their nerve sensors (proprioceptors) send false signals which confuse the brain. The brain responds by sending false controlling signals to the muscles and tendons. These muscles then become neurologically tight or weak causing dysfunctional joint movement through a process known as “neurological inhibition”.  If left uncorrected, this leads to weak links and abnormal muscle pull patterns in the movement chain, resulting in chronic pain and re-injury, deterioration and/or decreased athletic performance.

How does Trigenics® work?

Patients receiving Trigenics® are interactive in the treatment process.  The patient exercises while the Trigenist® is performing the treatment which enhances the effect on the nervous system, and on the area being treated.

This multimodal procedure combines functional exercise with nerve-sensor stimulation and focused biofeedback breathing to retrain the brain into changing the way it signals the muscles and the body.

Often patients will come in and say they have been working on strengthening or stretching tissue over a long period of time with little or no effect.  This is because often the wrong messages are being sent to the brain and therefore the wrong messages are being returned to the body.  Once they have had Trigenics® they often comment that they have not been  able to do an activity e.g. squatting  for years,  and can finally do the activity much to their delight and amazement .

If Trigenics® is going to help you, you will have immediate results and the effects are sustainable.

How can we help you at Advance?

Linley Leuthard is an International Instructor in Trigenics® and experienced in treating a range of conditions.  Conditions that we frequently treat include shoulder impingements, patella femoral syndrome, ankle sprains, carpal tunnel, lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow), neck and back injuries to name just a few.

Trigenics® is a large part of what Linley uses for treating Frozen shoulder, shoulder impingements and knee conditions.  Sports people love the immediate changes they can achieve which in turn improves their performance and alleviates their pain. We also have two other Trigenists® in the clinics; Kate Caetano and Stephen Pollock.

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