If you’ve taken one of our classes at Advance you might have heard the instructor say that it’s important to “engage the core” or that a certain exercise will help to strengthen your “core”.

But what exactly is your “core” and why is it so important?

Our General Manager, Carey Giddens has explained this below using an analogy we can all understand!

Put very simply, your core literally involves the area around the centre of your body. It includes your pelvis, vertebrae, ribs, muscles and all the associated connective tissue.

Here’s a quick and easy way to understand the importance and role of your core …. think of your core as the hub of your body just like the wheel on your car has a hub.

The hub needs to be fixed perfectly for the spokes and outer wheel to work just right. If any one part of this equation is not doing its job, there’s no doubt that it doesn’t end well. In your body, this is where injury happens.

You slipping, tripping, falling or reaching out without a well functioning core is just like driving a car with the wheels not bolted on and taking a corner at speed! Get the picture?

Now here’s the trick to your body performing at its best… you need to know which nut and bolt is tight and which one is loose. You need to know whether the spokes are working as they should and is the outer wheel gripping the road???

For example, you can fix a flat tyre fast, but the key is ensuring it’s bolted back on tight and balanced. And, if your wheels are not aligned you use more fuel! Your body is the same.

That’s why we look at your whole body, not just the injured area. From our clinical exams of your body, we make a structural and functional diagnosis to work on what’s injured and what’s not quite working as it should be.

Becoming symptom free (fixing the flat tyre), is just the beginning. Remember, we can’t simply replace a flat tyre with a spare one … you don’t have that luxury.

Whether it’s time for a service or the accident has already happened, come see us to keep YOU on the road.

Call us today on 07 834 9901 and stay tuned for some instructional videos about looking after your core!

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